Investment in FAILURE:LAB provides Sponsors with exposure to an attentive audience and media coverage. Our Sponsors are given credit throughout the entire event, are highlighted several times leading up to the event, and remain visible on the FAILURE:LAB website and videos on the website. Your name and brand live on long after the event. Benefits of being a FAILURE:LAB Sponsor include:

Access to an Engaged Audience

As a Sponsor, you have the eyes and ears of individuals who will notice and appreciate your brand in connection with a FAILURE:LAB event. It will bring your brand to crowds in a setting of openness and will showcase your company in a whole new light.

Brand Recognition

FAILURE:LAB recognizes all Sponsors as true partners and will go above and beyond to recognize and to promote your organization. Your logo and name will prominently appear on all promotional efforts leading up to an event, at the event, and your brand remains imprinted on the events page, Sponsor page, and other areas of our website.

Access to Events

Not only do we appreciate your financial generosity, but we want you to experience first-hand what you are supporting. Your organization will receive FAILURE:LAB event tickets and we will send information about events happening in your region and around the globe. You will be apprised of every exciting initiative FAILURE:LAB brings to the public. Once you’re a Sponsor, you’re part of the FAILURE:LAB family.