Bring the FAILURE:LAB experience into your organization through FAILURE:LABORATORY, a curriculum designed to change the conversation about failure. Teams apply comprehensive, insightful course modules to everyday work situations through the use of social science, brain science, and storytelling. The Laboratory experience helps organizations replace fear and resistance with excitement and learning.


Designed By brightly

Brightly designed FAILURE: LABORATORY to help organizations overcome failure and develop intelligent risk-taking behaviors.

Brightly is a digital design agency focused on delivering powerful data-driven strategy and meaningful user centered experiences across a broad spectrum of industries. Brightly relies on research, real world data, and compelling design to create premium solutions for web, mobile, and software.

Facilitated By Thought Design

FAILURE: LABORATORY’S curriculum was developed by and is facilitated through Thought Design.

Denise Van Eck has been writing and facilitating leadership curriculum with executives around the country for over 25 years. She is the founder of Thought Design Learning Studio, and author of the book Leadership 101. Thought Design is a consultancy focused on team building, improving communication, and energizing organizations from within. Using brain science and collaborative exercises, Thought Design helps teams overcome barriers to maximize productivity.

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